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As long as I remember, I have always been in love with the idea of beauty. From my childhood, the process of beautifying has always excited me. Like any other little girl, I was enticed by flaring frocks, lipsticks and heels. But little did I know that one day I would grow up to become a beauty influencer.
Hi, I’m Gitanjali Karki. I am a social media influencer, youtuber and a beauty educator. I was in 6th grade when I blushed up my aunt’s Bridal makeup. From that day on, I just knew my love for the art of makeup was not just a mere hobby. I continued buying lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners and everything that my saved up money could buy. My love for makeup grew deeper with every little product I bought.


It was when I was doing my bachelor’s degree, I started my YouTube channel. The Nepalese beauty world was in its infancy with not many Beauty Influencers out there. I still can feel the thrill when I saw myself on the YouTube screen for the first time. As a beginner on the field, I was inconsistent; nonetheless, I got recognized and appreciated in a very short period of time. Their amazing feedback was what motivated me to do more.
There are so many brands and products who claim many promises. This can be overwhelming at times. While young girls, like me, are so passionate about makeup; they are overwhelmed, confused and uncertain. My sole motive is to fill in this gap; to be that genuine person who could be trusted with one’s beauty. It was my genuine beauty experience that people loved and appreciated. That’s when I transitioned into a Beauty Guru. Lately, along with makeup tips and reviews, I have also started sharing my insights on skincare, fitness and fashion. Today, I have over 143k youtube subscribers and 31.8k instagram followers.


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